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319 N 11th St, 4th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Monday-Friday 10am – 5pm
By Appointment Only.
48hr Turnaround


“A fellow photographer friend and I checked out Stockbridge Fine Art Print in Philadelphia recently to see if we would be interested in using a local fine art printer for our prints instead of continuing to use online printers. We had a great experience! I made the reservation in advance and then we arrived for our appointment.

Owner Jeffrey Stockbridge spent TWO HOURS with us, showing us and talking about the different paper samples and then helping us choose which papers to use to print test prints. We had brought some of our pics on USB drives, so he just loaded them up and walked us through some color correcting steps and made suggestions on how the tones might be improved for printing. We learned quite a few things about preparing images for print versus viewing online, and we came home with some gorgeous sample prints. He is incredibly knowledgeable and laid back; he makes suggestions but he was never pushy.

Being able to see the prints coming out of the machine, being able to tweak here and there and test on different papers, is really exciting. Now I just need more clients to order large prints. If you are at all thinking of printing locally, you must check out Stockbridge. I will definitely be using him for any and all of my fine art printing.”

Vikki Sloviter

“I am very happy to have found a good print house in the area. Turnaround time is great, print quality is also, prices are reasonable, and they definitely communicate well and do their best to ensure customer satisfaction. I have placed two print orders through them so far and look forward to many more.”

Matthew M

“Couldn’t be happier with my experience here. When printing a work of art you’ve spent hours making, it’s important to work with your printer to ensure the print captures every quality you intended in the photograph. Not only did Jeffrey give his professional opinion regarding paper choice and slight tonal adjustments (which led to perfect prints), he went above and beyond to meet my extremely tight deadline. Furthermore, he responded immediately to my emails. He’s got every kind of paper you could want, and a nice cozy studio to watch your art come to life. His prices aren’t high enough to give a reason to go anywhere else, thus risking a less-than-perfect print. I’m sticking with Stockbridge.”

Frank Weiss II

“Beautiful and meticulous work, responsive, and quick turnaround time! Highly recommend if quality and attention to detail is a top priority. Will definitely use them again.”

Emmanuelle Glazier

“I’ve seldom met someone that’s so easy to get exceptional results with. Jeff is one of those rare professionals who goes beyond providing great service, he’s a true advocate for your work. He’s got this uncommon ability to seamlessly use his expertise as an extension of your creative intent. Jeff’s patience, enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate are backed up with the deep technical knowledge needed to achieve stunning results no matter what the project.

If what Ansel Adams said so long ago still holds true in the age of digital photography (“The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score and the print is the performance”) then Jeff is absolutely the one you want performing your score.”

Mark Havens